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  • Sundance
  • Interdependence Film Prize
  • American Film Showcase
  • Women in Film Award
  • Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award
  • 15 Award Laurel

Download Materials

 Thank you for hosting a screening of Connected and expanding the conversation about what it means to be connected in the 21st century. Each and every event is unique, and we can’t wait to hear all about yours. We are here to help along the way, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Below we provide several links and bits of information to really help you make the most of your event — before, during, and after.

First, download our Guide for Screening & Event Planning. In this document, you will find instructions on how to use everything below, including printing instructions, social media language, tips to introducing your event and leading a discussion, and many other things.

Now it’s time to promote!

Connected Pullquotes
Pullquotes are a great way to start off an email blast, to use in an article, or to use in any sort of announcements. If you’d like to include pullquotes, we suggest these:

“Incredibly engaging!…like high-tech Terry Gilliam…So lively and so fun, I could not take my eyes off of it!”

- The New York Times

“Examining everything from the Big Bang to Twitter…a cinematic clickstream…touching”

- The New York Times

“An intensely personal exploration of what human connection means in our modern, technology-obsessed world.”

-The Atlantic

Connected Synopsis
Please be sure to use this synopsis when promoting your event. If you’d like a shorter synopsis, you can find one on the downloadable Guide for Screening & Event Planning, or by emailing jesse@connectedthefilm.com.

Connected Trailer
To link directly to the trailer, please use this url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Og60e0zyu8&list=UU5nHqW7f_1xo82eqnY1xDjw&feature=plcp
To embed the trailer on your site/social media pages/emails, please go to the link above, click on “SHARE” under the video, and click on “EMBED” to generate the embed code.

*Start promoting as soon as possible, both with printed materials and online. Put both posters and postcards around the venue and in areas that your community frequents. Put them in the lobby of your building or in a local cafe, restaurant, post office, etc. Use the lo-res posters and images for your online marketing (Facebook, email, Twitter, etc), and the hi-res to print. More details below.

Connected Poster

Download Lo-res Poster  (for web) right-click on the image above, then “save image as”

  • Low-res poster: The low-res poster image is for use online (72dpi). You can use this image on your website, in email blasts, and on Facebook.

Download Hi-res Poster (for printing)

  • High-res poster: The high-res poster  is a printer pdf. If you would like to create posters for your event, you can bring this file to your local printer or FedEx/Kinko’s print shop. To make sure it looks the best, ask for a 12″X18″ print on cardstock (it’s not normal hard cardstock but a nicer paper that will make your poster look terrific). You can also purchase printed posters at our online store.

Download Editable Poster (for event promotion)

  • You can use this version of the poster to customize it for your event: If you or someone on your team is familiar with Photoshop, you can easily customize the poster to include in your marketing materials
*for more details on printing posters, please download our Guide for Screening & Event Planning.

Connected Postcards

There are two postcard files for your use:

  1.  One is to promote the film and event before the screening; there is a very simple photoshop file to use that has editable text so that you can customize the postcard for your event.
  2. The second postcard available is for handing out at the event after the screening. It has information on how to stay involved, spread the word, and bring the film into other communities and schools (through our Educator’s Edition). The files for this are pdf’s and ready to send for printing.

1. Promotional Postcard (editable text)


Download front

Download back

2. Screening Postcard (hand out at the event- not editable)


Download front

Download back

*for more details on printing postcards, please download our Guide for Screening & Event Planning.

Connected Press Kit

Great to hand to reporters or other press interested in your screening.

Download Connected Press Kit

Download Production Notes

Connected Logo

 White Logo

Director Tiffany Shlain Headshot

Download Lo-res Headshot (for web) right-click on the image above, then “save image as”

Download Hi-Res Headshot (for print)

Connected Film Stills

*for lo-res images (for web), right click on the thumbnails below

 Download ‘Evolution of Man’ (for print)

 Download ‘Redwood Trees’ (for print)

 Download ‘Timeline’ (for print)

 Download ‘Connected’ (for print)