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  • Sundance
  • Interdependence Film Prize
  • American Film Showcase
  • Women in Film Award
  • Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award
  • 15 Award Laurel

The Short Film

A rewriting of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, A DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE is a global-participatory film from the team behind CONNECTED. With music by Moby and directed by Tiffany Shlain, it is an exhilarating montage of user-generated videos and graphics, a global mash-up demonstrating the vast potential of creative collaboration in the 21st century. A DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE is the first film of a new short film series called “Let it Ripple: Mobile Films for Global Change.”

** To make the film truly global, we are asking volunteers from around the world to help translate the film into 100 languages. In the first 8 weeks, it has been volunteer-translated into 65 languages. To view the film in any of the 65 languages, click play and then click on the CC icon. The list of languages will appear with a red scroll bar on the top right. Join the translation team here.


The collaboration continues! Please join us in being part of this project:

We will customize a version of A DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE to your non-profit organization for free. In the spirit of interdependence, instead of our “call to action” at the end of A DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE, we will replace it with your “call to action,” your logo, and your url to use for any event or campaign to help make the world a better place.

Here is an example of one organization’s call to action:

Declare your interdependence by…
donating your old cell phone to connect isolated people to medical care.

You can see a complete list of participating organizations and their calls to actions, as well as a sample video here.

To participate, please fill in the below information. You will hear from us shortly.

Use the film to reach your community

  • Please complete the sentence "Declare your interdependence by..." following the above examples. The most effective calls to action are clear, concise and tangible. Please keep your call to action under 80 characters (including spaces). If you would like assistance coming up with a strong call to action, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Your logo should be high-resolution (300dpi). The background will be black, so it is ideal to have a black or transparent background.