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Get Involved

“What’s next? What do we do from here?”

While many other films point you to one specific call to action to make the world better, CONNECTED and A DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE invite you to delve into the issues of connectedness from many different places. Since these films are both personal and global, they evoke a range of responses from people depending on the viewer’s personal experiences and motivations. So below we’re providing a cornucopia of options to explore these ideas, a spectrum of things you can do, things you can reflect on, and ways you can get more engaged.

Like the web and humans in general, this list of ways to live more interdependently is an ever-evolving work-in-progress, an ongoing experiment in crowdsourcing. We are asking for your collaboration in wrestling with these questions of how to be mindfully connected, how to think through the ripple effects of our actions, and how to harness the potential of the connected world we live in to make the world a better place.

If you have ideas about how these films inspired YOU to live more interdependently, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Here are ten to start:
1. Declare your interdependence. Both CONNECTED and A DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE end with the line, “for centuries we have been declaring our independence; perhaps it’s time we finally declare our interdependence. Declare your interdependence, and become a part of this global map of interdependence.

2. Recycle your old cell phone with Hope Phones. For the CONNECTED theatrical release, we have partnered with Hope Phones, who will recycle your old cell phones (removing toxins from the environment) and use the money to buy new ones that they pre-load with health information and distribute in developing countries. Reaching an estimated 50 million people in 14 countries, you can make a difference while getting rid of those old phones collecting in a drawer. Pick up a pre-paid label at our theaters or go to Hope Phones.

3. Unplug from technology for one day a week. It can be life changing to be still with yourself and people you love for one day each week. It will even make you appreciate technology in a new way.

4. Help bring the Connected Educator’s Edition into your local school system or organization to expand this conversation. Educational resources for A Declaration of Interdependence coming soon.

5. Look into what B-Corporation does, and see if your company might be interested in integrating “interdependence” into its by-laws.

6. Film someone in your life with whom you have a strong connection. Technology is getting easier and easier to use. Pick up a recording device and start recording.

7. Commit to not using plastic for one whole day, or one whole week.

8. Unlock the information in products you’re buying to make sure they’re supporting interdependent thinking. Good Guide has great resources for this.

9. Explore the ways that technology is affecting your children. commonsense.org is a great site.

10. Join the online conversation about these ideas on our Facebook page.

Now tell us your idea on how to live more interdependently

This list is an ever-evolving collaboration of "ways to live more interdependently." We'd love to hear your ideas. Stay tuned to watch the list grow.
  • * We are all about collaboration, and we would like to credit your organization with an idea of how to live more interdependently.